The wait is over.... Invisible shield SPF 35 is here!

Now that summer approaches us, it's time to start stocking up on summer beauty essentials and of course, sun safety. I'll be the first to admit, I never wear sunscreen on my face. I never liked the way it felt; greasy, heavy and certainly the white cast it left no matter how much you rubbed it in it wasn’t flattering. Protecting our skin is important especially our face it's exposed all year round. The sun is the number-one cause of aging skin. UV rays dry it out, break down collagen, and cause skin cancer. What do free radicals do? Destroy skin cells, and cause sagging and wrinkles, what blew my mind was a study shows that four days in front of a computer is equally as damaging as 20 minutes in the afternoon sun. WHATTTT?!?!? I KNOW CRAZY!! So why do we underestimate the importance of protecting our skin? And truly we have no excuse why.

Being a Brand Rep for Glossier, I’m excited to share newly launch products details that some customers might want to know more about. So here it is, after two years in the making Emily Weiss Founder and CEO of and Glossier came up with a product that all of us have been needing and wanting; a sunscreen with no issues- no heaviness, no greasiness or white cast and biggest plus of all no weird interactions with your makeup. YESSSS!

So say hello to……. invisible shield SPF 35 and get ready to add this to your skincare regimen! It has tiny spheres packed with UVA/UVB filters it is a water gel formula with no alcohol or greasiness so when applied it disappears into your skin. It's filled with antioxidants like Vitamin E and P, broccoli and aloe leaf extracts to help free radicals in the skin. It has a sweet orange citrusy scent. It's breathable, it smells great and it protects our skin. It retails for $34 and is one fluid oz. so perfect to travel with. Hope these details help and if you're looking to buy invisible shield SPF or treat yourself to anything Glossier use my link down below to get 20% off your order. If you guys order thru my link and post your products hashtag #nicholeXglossier I want to see what you guys are loving and I want to slide into your DM’s and randomly giveaway some Glossier goodies and do giveaways. XOXO NM