Skincare Essentials

One of my biggest obsessions has been SKINCARE! I don’t know if its because I’m getting closer to my thirties or I’m becoming more of a minimal kind of gal. There is just something about having glowy gorgeous skin that I love! I didn’t have growing up, the best type of skin, but with trial and error I realize what my skin likes and what it doesn’t. The last six months I have never been so focused about my skin than I ever have been between face mask, cleansing oils, moisturizers and night creams, they have took over my life! But one thing I can say is its working! The more you give your skin the better I realized. My skin is loving the attention and the extra products I'm using. So pour yourself a glass of wine or grab a snack because I'm listing my current favorite skincare products and it’s a long one.

The cold weather is here, and it is definitely taking a toll on our skins. That means our skin is paying the price so making sure our skin is hydrated is key. I use to just use makeup wipes thinking it does the job. Nope! So wrong, they leave so much behind, leaving a ton of makeup on our face.

I had received a goodie bag from a fashion show I went to, and Nuxe Rêve De Miel make-up remover and facial cleansing gel was in the bag, I couldn’t wait to try it. The first time using it, my face felt so amazing and clean but not dry like other facial cleaners do. I fell in love and had to order the full size bottle, which is only $19, and when I say a little goes a long way, I’m not kidding one pump does my whole face and neck. After using it for six months, I still have half the bottle. Keeps my face glowy, clear, and smooth. I use it on my face in the mornings and at night. It’s like luxury in a bottle. It contains at least 93% of natural origin ingredients and two of the main ingredients are honey and sunflower seed oil. The smell is divine. If you guys are looking for a new face cleanser please try this one out.

One Other product I use after the Nuxe makeup remover and facial cleaner is the Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil. MY GODDD!!! This product is solid which is different from other cleansers, but when you massage it into your skin it melts like butter. This amazing product is made of coconut and sunflower seed oil and has Korean herbs to cleanse your skin and remove makeup at the same time. This extra step I do for my skin not only does it makes my skin feel squeaky-clean, but also instantly hydrates my face. If I were to only use one face product for the rest of my life it would be this Erborian Solid cleansing oil. I just wouldn’t be able to live without this product.

After I clean my face at night, I apply Benton Aloe Propolis soothing gel. It’s made for all skin types including trouble and sensitive skin and the main ingredient is aloe. Aloe helps to relief skin stress and this lightweight serum moisturizes as well. Who wants breakouts? Right? This aloe serum helps prevent breakouts and helps heal present irritations, definitely a staple in my skincare collection.

My last formula I apply to my skin is another favorite Nuxe Product the Detoxifying and youth revealing anti-aging serum mixed together with Klairs pure vitamin c and centella extracts. The Nuxe detoxifying and anti aging serum soothes, regenerates and revives dull complexion while you are sleeping. The Klairs is an antioxidant treatment serum improves skin tone and texture and repairs the skin from UV damage that our face is expose to. This concoction is heaven in a bottle. When I wake up the next morning not only does my skin look and feel perfect but it actually looks and feel like these products actually did what my skin needed it to do.

Now just don’t forget your weekly exfoliating and facemask! I do mine once a week and my favorite thus far is a drug store brand. Super affordable and does the job. The L’Oreal Purify & Mattify Pure-Clay Mask. I love this one! While it penetrates into the pores removing impurities’ and removing oil from the skin after rinsing it off your complexion your skin feels refreshed and healthy and after I apply a tony moly sheet mask right after. You pick a mask based out your skin type or skin needs but I have a stash that’s getting a tad bit out of hand. If you don’t know what a sheet mask is, it’s a cotton fiber sheet that is saturated in a serum. They look scary and scare the heck out of my kids but they feel great on the skin. You can feel your skin absorbing all the hydrating serum that are in these mask. Their Brand has become popular in the skincare world and I know why because they provide so much benefits to the skin. I’ve gotten facemask that look great in the packaging but dry and irritate my skin. I can honestly say these are a huge staple in my skincare routine. This brand is is amazing and anytime I go to the store I become more intrigued and more obsessed with skincare.

Now what else can you ask for? I am no way a dermatologist but I have had my share of spending a lot of money on products that didn’t work but the best thing I did was try new sample products saw what worked for my skin and now I can say I’m happy with how my skin is looking. It seems like a lot of work and products but it isn’t. An extra five minutes in the bathroom at night is benefiting your complexion and how your feel on the outside. Hope your guys liked my go to skincare products and comment below on what you guys are using or loving!

XOXO | Nichole Mazara